Zinc Chloride

CAS:  7646-85-7

Uses:   Catalyst, dehydrating and condensing agent in organic synthesis, fireproofing and preserving food, soldering fluxes, burnishing and polishing compounds for steel, electroplating, antiseptic and deodorant preparations (up to 2% solution), textiles (mordant; carbonizing agent; mercerizing, sizing, and weighting compositions; resist for sulfur colors, albumin colors, and para red), adhesives, dental cements, glass etching, petroleum refining, parchment, dentifrices, embalming and taxidermists’ fluids, medicine (atringent), antistatic, denaturant for alcohol.

Hazard:  Exposure Routes:  inhalation, skin and/or eye contact.  Symptoms:  Irritation eyes, skin, nose, throat; conjunctivitis; cough, copious sputum; dyspnea (breathing difficulty), chest pain, pulmonary edema, pneumonitis; pulmonary fibrosis, cor pulmonale; fever; cyanosis; tachypnea; skin burns.  Target Organs:  Eyes, skin, respiratory system, cardiovascular system.  Water-Reactive