Trisodium Phosphate

CAS:  7601-54-9

Synonyms:    TSP; trisodium orthophosphate; tertiary sodium phosphate; sodium orthophosphate, tertiary

Uses:    water softeners; boiler-water compounds; detergent; metal cleaner; textiles; manufacture of paper; laundering; tanning; sugar purification; photographic developers; paint removers; industrial cleaners; dietary supplement; buffer; emulsifier; food additive

Hazard:  Severe eye irritant; may cause permanent damage tothe cornea.  Skin irritant; irritation is likely to be more severe if skin is moist or wet.  If inhaled may cause coughing, chest pain, shortness of breath, upper respiratory tract irritation, serious damage to lung tissue and respiratory tract.  If ingested may cause irritation, burns to mouth and esophagus, vomiting.