Polyvinyl Alcohol

CAS#: 9002-89-5

Synonyms: PVA; PVAL; ethenol, homopolymer; PVOH

Uses: Textile warp and yarn size, laminating adhesives, molding powder, binder for cosmetic preparations, ceramic, leather, cloth, nonwoven fabrics and paper, paper coatings, grease-proofing paper, emulsifying agent, thickener and stabilizer, photosensitive films, cements and mortars, intermediate for other polyvinyls, imitation sponges, printing inks (glass); binder for food industry; pharmaceutical

Hazard: SYMPTOMS:  Inhalation of the dust of this chemical may cause irritation of the nose and throat and cause coughing and chest discomfort if heated above 390° F.  The dusts may also irritate the eyes.  Implantation of this chemical into the breast has been associated with fibrosis.