Hydrofluoric Acid

CAS#: 7664-39-3

Synonyms:  Fluoric Acid; Hydrogen monofluoride Fluorine Hydride (FH); fluorine monohydride; HF-A

Uses: Aluminum production, fluorocarbons, pickling stainless steel, etching glass, acidizing oil wells, fluorides, gasoline production (alkylation), processing uranium.

Hazard: TOXIC; inhalation, ingestion or contact (skin, eyes) with vapors, dusts or substance may cause severe injury, burns or death.  Reaction with water or moist air may release toxic, corrosive or flammable gases.  Reaction with water may generate much heat that will increase the concentration of fumes in the air.  Fire will produce irritating, corrosive and/or toxic gases.  Runoff from fire control or dilution water may be corrosive and/or toxic and cause pollution.   Water-Reactive; Air-Reactive