Furfuryl Alcohol

CAS#: 98-00-0

Synonyms: 2-(hydroxylmethyl) Furan; 2-furancarbinol; 2-furanmethanol; 2-furylcarbinol; 2-furylmethanol; furylcarbinol; furyl Alcohol.

Uses: Wetting agent, furan polymers, corrosion-resistant sealants and cements, foundry cores, motified urea-formaldehyde polymers, penetrant, solvent for dyes and resins, flavoring. The ploymer is used as a motar for bonding acid-proof brick and chemical masonary.

Hazard: May react explosively with mineral and some organic acids. Toxic by inhalation and skin absorbtion. Approved for food products. TLV: 10 ppm in air.