Dimethyl Formamide

CAS:  68-12-2

Synonyms:    DMF; n,n-Dimethylformamide; Formyldimethylamine; n-Formyldimethylamine

Uses:    Solvent for vinyl resins and acetylene, butadiene, acid gases; plyacrylic fibers; catalyst in carboxylation reactions; organic synthesis; carrier for gases.

Hazard:    Irritation of eyes, skin and nose.  May cause nausea.  N,N-DIMETHYLFORMAMIDE may react violently with a broad range of chemicals, e.g.: alkaline metals (sodium, potassium), azides, hydrides (sodium borohydride, lithium aluminum hydride), bromine, chlorine, carbon tetrachloride, hexachlorocyclohexane, phosphorus pentaoxide, triethylaluminum, magnesium nitrate, organic nitrates. Forms explosive mixtures with lithium azide.  Oxidation by chromium trioxide or potassium permanganate may lead to explosion