Amyl Alcohol

CAS:  71-41-0

 Synonyms:  n-Pentanol; n-Pentyl Alcohol; butyl Carbinol; Primary Amyl Alcohol; 1-Amyl Alcohol; 1- Pentanol

Uses:  Raw material for pharmaceutical preperations; organic synthesis solvent. 

 Hazard:   Irritation of skin, eyes, and respiratory tract; headache and vertigo; dyspnea and cough; nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Double vision, deafness, delirium, and occasionally fatal poisoning, preceded by severe nervous symptoms, have been reported. Coma, glycosuria, and methemoglobinemia can occur.  Moderately toxic, flammable if exposed to powerful oxidizers. Incompatible with oxidizing materials, hydrogen trisulfide.