Aluminum Sulfate Solution

CAS:  10043-01-3

 Synonyms: Alum; aluminum (III) Sulfate; Pearl Alum; Pickle Alum; Cake Alum; Filter Alum; Papermakers’ Alum; Patent Alum; Aluminum Sulphate

Uses: Sizing paper, lakes, alums, dyeing mordant foaming agent in fire foams, cloth fireproofing, white leather tannage, catalyst in manufacturing ethane, pH control in paper industry, waterproofing ageant for concrete, clarifier for fats and oils, lubricating compositions, deodorizer and decolorizer in petroleum refining, sewage precipitating agent and for water purification, food additive.

 Hazard:  Vapor irritates eyes, nose and respiratory tract due to formation of sulfuric acid. Ingestion of large doses causes gastric irritation, nausea, vomiting, and purging. Liquid irritates eyes and skin.