Sodium Hydroxide (all grades)

CAS: 1310-73-2

Synonyms:    Lye; Soda Lye; Sodium Hydroxide; Caustic Soda beads; Caustic Soda Flakes; Caustic Soda pellets; Sodium Hydroxide, liquid; Sodium Hydroxide Solutions, Caustic soda, liquid; Caustic Soda Solution.

Uses:    Chemical manufacture; neutralizing agent in petroleum refining; pulp and paper; aluminum; detergents; soap; textiling processing; vegetable-oil refining; reclaiming rubber; regenerating ion exchange resins; organic fusions; peeling of fruits and vegetables in food industry; lab reagent; etching and electroplating; food additive; utilities; water treatment/sanitation.

Hazard:    Strong corrosive action on contacted tissues.  INHALATION: dust may cause damage to upper respiratory tract and lung itself, producing from mild nose irritation to pneumonitis.  INGESTION:  severe damage to mucous membranes; severe scar formation or perforation may occur.  EYE CONTACT:  produces severe damage. 

CAUSTIC SODA (Sodium hydroxide) is a strong base.  Reacts rapidly and exothermically with acids, both organic and inorganic.