Silica (all types)


Synonyms: silicon dioxide; silica gel; silica, fumed; quartz; silicic oxide silicon (IV) oxide

Uses: Gel: Dehumidifying and dehydrating agent, air- conditioning, drying of compressed air and other gases and liquids such as refrigerants and oils containing water in suspension, recovery of natural gasoline from natural gas, bleaching of petroleum oils, catalyst and catalyst carrier, chromatography, anti-caking agent in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, in waxes to prevent slipping, in dietary supplements; Fumed:  thickener, thixotropic, and reinforcing agent in inks, resins, rubber, paints, cosmetics, etc.; base material for high-temperature mortars; Powered:  manufacture of glass; water glass; ceramics; abrasives; water filtration; microspheres; components of concrete; source of ferrosilicon and elemental silicon; filler in cosmetics; pharmaceuticals; paper; insecticides; hydrated and precipitated grades as ruber reinforcing agent, including silicone rubber; anticaking agent in foods; flattening agents in paints; thermal insulator Fused:  Ablative material in rocket engines, spacecraft, etc; fibers in reinforced plastics; special camera lenses; Amorphous:  silica gel

Hazard: Exposure Routes:  inhalation, skin and/or eye contact. Symptoms:  Irritation eyes, pneumoconiosis Target Organs:  Eyes, respiratory system