Salt (sodium Chloride)

CAS#: 7647-14-5

Synonyms: Rock salt; salt; common salt; table salt; sea salt; halite; sodium monochloride

Uses: Chemical (sodium hydroxide, soda ash, hydrogen chloride, chlorine, metallic sodium), ceramic glazes, metallurgy, curing of hides, food preservative, mineral waters, soap manufacture (salting out), home water softeners, highway deicing, regeneration of ion-exchange resins, photography, food seasoning, herbicide, fire extinguishing, nuclear reactors, mouthwash, medicine (heat exhaustion), crystals are used for spectroscopy, UV and infrared transmissions.

Hazard:  None ? GRAS Substance (Generally Recognized As Safe); Acute Ingestion:  Intake of large amounts has generally occurred for deliberate reasons: suicide, absorption, and to induce vomiting. The following effects were observed; nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, restlessness, irritability, dehydration, water retention, nose bleed, gastrointestinal tract damage, fever, sweating, sunken eyes, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, dry mouth and nose, shock, cerebral edema (fluid on brain), pulmonary edema (fluid in lungs), blood cell shrinkage, and brain damage (due to dehydration of brain cells). Death is generally due to cardiovascular collapse or CNS damage.