Reagents (general and high-purity)

HPLC: Solvents manufactured specifically for use with HPLC instruments. Meet all ACS specifications. Submicron filtered.

Certified ACS: Reagent chemicals that meet or exceed the latest ACS Specifications.

Certified ACS Plus: Acids that, in addition to meeting or exceeding the latest specifications of the ACS, are analyzed for more than 16 metals.

Plasma Grade: Solvents manufactured for use with plasma/ICP instruments. Impurity levels in ppt. Packaged in acid-cleaned polyethylene bottles.

Environmental Grade: Solvents for use in HPLC analysis, trace-organic analysis, and environmental testing.

Pesticide: Solvents for use in analysis of pesticide residue. Meet or exceed ACS standards of purity for pesticide residue analysis.

USP/NF/FCC/EP/BP/JP:  Reagent chemicals that meet or surpass  of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), the National Formulary (NF), the Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), the European Pharmacopeia (EP), the British Pharmacopeia (BP), and/or the Japanese Pharmacopeia (JP).

Biotechnology:  Solvents and reagents that have been specially purified and assayed for biotechnology applications.

Electronic:  Solvents manufactured to ensure low levels of metal contamination. Meet Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI) requirements.

TraceMetal: Acids manufactured to achieve low metal contamination measurable in ppm to ppb range. Each lot is analyzed for more than 55 metals by ICP/MS.

Histology: Solvents and products that are specially prepared for use in the histology laboratory setting.

Laboratory and Technical: Chemicals of reasonable purity for situations where no official standard for quality or impurity levels exist.