CAS#: 9002-88-4


Uses: Packaging film (especially for food products), paper coating, liners for drums and other shipping containers, wire and cable coating, toys, cordage, refuse and waste bags, chewing-gum base, squeese bottles, electrical insulation; Blow-molded products, injection-molded items, film and sheet, piping, fibers, gasoline and oil containers.; Mold-release agent for rubber and plastics, paper and container coatings, liquid polishes, and textile finishing agents; Wire and cable coatings and insulation(low-density grades), pipe and  molded fittings (high-density grades). Special types having low electrical resistivity can be made; these can be regarded as semiconductors.

Hazard: SYMPTOMS:  Acute exposure to this compound can produce irritation of eyes, nose, throat, mucous membranes and the upper respiratory tract. 
ACUTE/CHRONIC HAZARDS:  This compound emits acrid fumes and smoke when heated to decomposition.  It is an irritant of mucous membranes and the upper respiratory tract.