Phosphoric Acid (all grades)

CAS:  7664-38-2

Synonyms:    orthophosphoric acid;

Uses:   fertilizers; soaps and detergents; inorganic phosphates; pickling and rust-proofing metals; pharmaceuticals; sugar refining; gelatin manufacture; water treatment; animal feeds; electropolishing; gasoline additive; conversion coatings for metals; catalyst for ethanol manufacture; lakes in cotton dyeing; yeasts; soil stabilizer; waxes and polishes; binder for  ceramics; activated carbon; in foods and carbonated beverages as acidulent and sequestrant; laboratory reagent.

Hazard:    Burns on mouth and lips, sour acrid taste, severe gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting, bloody diarrhea, difficult swallowing, severe abdominal pains, thirst, acidemia, difficult breathing, convulsions, collapse, shock, death.