CAS#:  108-95-2

Synonyms: carbolic acid; phenic acid; phenylic acid

Uses: Phenolic resins, epoxy resins (biphenol-A), nylon-6 (caprolactam), 2,4-D, selective solvent for refining lubricating oils, adipic acid, salicylic acid, phenolphthalein, pentachlorophenol, acetophenetidin, picric acid, germicidal paints, pharmeceuticals, laboratory reagent, dyes and indicators, slimicide, biocide, general disinfectant. Note: High-boiling phenols are mixtures containing predominantly m-substituted alkyl phenols. Their boiling points range from 238 to 288C; they set to a glass at -30C.

Hazard: Will burn eyes and skin.  The analgesic action may cause loss of pain sensation.  Readily absorbed through skin, causing increased heart rate, convulsions, and death.