Ethylene Glycol

CAS#: 107-21-1

Synonyms: Ethylene alcohol; glycol; 1,2-ethanediol.

Uses: Coolant and antifreeze; asphalt-emulsion paints; heat transfer agent; low-pressure laminates, brake fluids; glycol diacetate; polyester fibers and films; low-freezing dynimite; solvent; extractant for various purposes; solvent mixture for cellulose esters and ethers, especially cellophane; cosmetics (up to 5%); laquers; alkyd resins; printing inks; wood stains; adhesives; leather dyeing; textile processing; tabacco; ingredient of deicing fliud  for airport runways; humectant; ballpoint pen inks; foam stabilizer.

Hazard: TLV: (vapor) ceiling 50 ppm. Toxic by ingestion and inhalation. lethal dose reported to be 100 cc.