Copper Sulfate

CAS #: 7758-98-7

Synonyms: CSP; copper sulfate pentahydrate; cupic sulfate; blue vitriol; copper monosulfate; cupric sulfate anhydrous; cupric sulphate; monocopper sulfate; sulfate of copper.

Uses: Agriculture (soil additive, pesticides, Bordeaux mixture), feed additive, germicides, textile mordant, leather industry, pigments, electric batteries, electroplated coatings, copper salts, reagent in analytical chemistry, medicine, wood preservative, preservation of pulp wood and ground pulp, process engraving and lithography, ore flotation, petroleum industry, synthetic rubber, steel manufacture, treatment of natural asphalts. The anhydous salt is used as a dehydrating agent.

Hazard: Toxic by ingestion, strong irritant.  copper sulfate may induce severe gastroenteric distress (vomiting, gastroenteric pain, and local corrosion and hemorrhages), prostration, anuria, hematuria, anemia, increase in white blood cells, icterus, coma, respiratory difficulties, and circulatory failure.