Barium Sulfate

CAS #:  7727-43-7

Synonyms:  Barium Salt of Sulfuric Acid; Barium Sulphate

Uses: Weighting mud in oil- drillling, paper coatings, paints, filler and delustrant for textiles, rubber, plastics and lithograph inks, base for lake colors, X-ray photography, opaque medium for gastrointestional radiography, in battery plate expanders.

Hazard:  Exposure Routes: inhalation, skin and/or eye contact.  Symptoms: Irritation eyes, nose, upper respiratory system; benign pneumoconiosis (baritosis).  Target Organs: Eyes, respiratory system.  BARIUM SULFATE is non-combustible and non-toxic. Emits toxic sulfur oxides when heated to decomposition. Can act as an oxidizing agent, but usually does not. Reacts with reducing agents such as potassium, phosphorus or aluminum (heating with aluminum can cause an explosion).