Antimony Compounds

Antimony is a chemical element (Sb)

CAS# 7440-36-0

Antimony compounds are prominent additives for chlorine and bromine container fire retardants found in many commercial and domestic products.

Antimony compounds include:

Algarot; Antimonite; Antimony pentachloride; Antimony pentafluoride; Antimony pentasulfide; Antimony pentoxide; Antimony potassium tartrate; Antimony sulfate; Antimony telluride; Antimony tetroxide; Antimony tribromide; Antimony trichloride; Antimony trifluoride; Antimony triiodide; Antimony trioxide; Antimony triselenide; Antimony(III) acetate; Fluoroantimonic acid; Gallium indium arsenide antimonide phosphide; Indium arsenide antimonide phosphide; Pentavalent antimonial; Sodium thioantimoniate; Stibine; Stibophen; Titanium yellow