Sodium Cyanide

CAS#: 143-33-9

Synonyms: sodium salt of hydrocyanic acid; hydrocyanic acid, sodium salt

Uses: Extraction of gold and silver from ores, electroplating, heat treatment of metals (case-hardening), making hydrogen cyanide, insecticide, cleaning metals, fumigation, manufacture of dyes and pigments, nylon intermediates, chelating compounds, ore flotation.

Hazard: Super toxic; probable oral lethal dose in humans is less than 5 mg/kg or a taste (less than 7 drops) for a 70 kg (150 lb.) person.  Sodium cyanide is poisonous and may be fatal if inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. Contact with sodium cyanide may cause burns to skin and eyes.  Individuals with chronic diseases of the kidneys, respiratory tract, skin, or thyroid are at greater risk of developing toxic cyanide effects.  Water-Reactive.  Poison