Potassium Hydroxide (all grades)

CAS:   1310-58-3

Synonyms:    Caustic Potash, Dry, Caustic Potash, Solid; Caustic Potash, Liquid; Caustic Potash Solution;  KOH; KOH, Dry; KOH Solution; Potassium Hydroxide; Potassium Hydroxide, Dry; Potassium Hydroxide Solid; Potassium Hydroxide, Liquid; Potassium Hydroxide Solution.

Uses:  Soap manufacture; bleaching; manufacture of potassium carbonate and tetrapotassium pyrophosphate; electrolyte in alkaline storage batteries and some fuel cells; absorbent for carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide; dyestuffs; liquid fertilizers; food additive; herbicides; electroplating; mercerizing; paint removers; reagent.

Hazard:    Causes severe burns of eyes, skin, and mucous membranes.  A strong base. Forms caustic solution in water.