CAS #:  109-89-7

Synonyms:  DEA; diethamine; n,n-Diethylamine; n-Ethylethanamine

Uses: Rubber chemicals, textile specialties, selective solvent, dyes, flotation agents, resins, pesticides, polymerization inhibitors, pharmaceuticals, petroleum chemicals, electroplating, corrosion inhibitors.

Hazard: Irritation and burning of eyes, skin, and respiratory system. High concentration of vapor can cause asphyxiation; Toxic by ingestion.  Highly flammable, dangerous fire risk. Flammable limits in air 1.8-10.1%. TLV: 10 ppm in air.  DIETHYLAMINE is strongly alkaline.  Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents and with strong acids.  Violent reactions occur with sulfuric acid.  Causes ignition on contact with cellulose nitrate. Explodes on contact with dicyanofurazan or dicyanofuroxan.  Attacks some forms of plastics, rubber and coatings.