Diammonium Phosphate

CAS #: 7722-76-1; 7783-28-0

Synonyms: Ammonium phosphate, dibasic; ammonium phosphate; diammonium hydrogen phosphate; monoammonium orthophosphate secondary ammonium phosphate

Uses: Flameproofing of wood, paper, and textiles; coating vegitation to retard forest fires; to prevent afterglow in matchs and smoking of candle wicks; fertilizer (high analysis phosphate type); plant nutrient solutions; manufacture of yeast, vinegar, and  bread improvers; feed additive; flux for soldering tin, copper, brasss, zinc; purifying sugar; in ammoniated dentrifices; halophosphate phosphors.

Hazard: Inhalation of monoammonium form causes irritation of mucous membranes; with diammonium form, ammonia vapors in closed area can cause pulmonary edema and asphyxia.  Contact with solid or with ammonia gas causes irritation of eyes and skin.