Calcium Phosphate (all grades)

CAS:  7758-87-4; 10103-46-5; 7757-93-9

Synonyms:    DCP; MCP; TCP

Uses:    production of phosphoric acid and fertilizers; cheese products; acid in leavening agents; nutritional suppliment (tricalcium phosphate); dental products for remineralization; diluent in some medications; gene transfection of cells

Hazard:    Inhalation of MCP or DCP may cause irritation of upper respiratory tract; prolonged inhalation of concentrated pyrophosphate may cause a deposit of TCP in the lungs.  Ingestion of large quantities of any form of calcium phosphate may cause nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea; MCP may also be corrosive to membranes of mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal tract.  Local irritation of the eyes may result from contact with any of these phosphates; prolonged or repeated exposure to MCP may lead to chronic conjunctivitis. Contact with skin by MCP may cause local irritation or chronic dermatitis; prolonged or repeated contact with concentrated aqueous slurries of DCP may cause local irritation.   Some calcium phosphates form acid solutions in water.  These may attack metals with formation of flammable hydrogen gas, which may collect in enclosed spaces