CAS #:  122-20-3

Synonyms: TIPA; 1, 1′, 1″”- nitrilotris-2-propanol; tris(2-hydroxypropyl)amine; 1,1′,1”-nitrilotri-2-propanol; Tris-(2-hydroxy-1-propyl)amine; Nitrilotris(2-propanol); 3,3′,3″”-Nitrilotri(2-propanol); Tris(2-propanol)amine; Tri-2-propanolamine;

Uses: Emulsifying agents; grinding aid in cement production; dispersing agent for paints and pigments; used in production of cutting oils and PU catalysts; antistat agents for polymers; corrosion inhibitor; electrodeposition/electrocoatin; lubricants; paper; plastics, water-based coating applications; agricultural products; polyurethane additive; reaction intermediates; rubber curing; surfactants; mineral dispersion; and urethanes.

Hazard: Irritation of eyes and skin. May cause slight corneal injury or burn. Repeated contact may cause skin burn. Heated vapor may cause moderate respiratory irritation. Low to moderately toxic by oral routes.