Tricresyl Phosphate

CAS: 78-30-8; 1330-78-5

Synonyms:  TCP; phosphoric acid, tris (methylphenyl) ester; tritolyl phosphate; Tris(tolyloxy)phosphine oxide

Uses:   Plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, nitrocellulose; fire-retardant for plastics; air-filter medium; solvent mixtures; waterproofing; additive to extreme pressure lubricants; hydraulic fluid; heat-exchange medium.

Hazard:  Toxic by ingestion and skin absorption.  The o-isomer is highly toxic.  Vapors may irritate eyes, but only at high temperatures. Ingestion of liquid may cause severe damage to central nervous system and death if significant amounts of the toxic ortho-isomer are present.