CAS:  79-01-6

Synonyms:  Trichloroethene; ethylene trichloride; TCE; 1,1,2-trichloroethylene; acetylene trichloride

Uses:  Metal degreasing; extraction solvent for oils, fats, waxes; solvent dyeing; dry-cleaning; refrigerant and heat-exchange liquid; fumigant; cleaning and drying electronic parts; diluent in paints and adhesives; textile processing; chemical intermediate; aerospace operations (flushing liquid oxygen).

Hazard: Toxic by inhalation.  Use as solvent not permitted in some states.  FDA has prohibited its use in food, drugs and cosmetics.  INHALATION:  symptoms range from irritation of the nose and throat to nausea, an attitude of irresponsibility, blurred vision, and finally disturbance of central nervous system resulting in cardiac failure.  Chronic exposure may cause organic injury. INGESTION:  symptoms similar to inhalation.  SKIN: defatting action can cause dermatitis. EYES:  slightly irritating sensation and lachrymation.