CAS#: 108-88-3

Synonyms: Methylbenzene; phenylmethane; toluol.

Uses: Aviation gasoline and high-octane blending stock; benzene, phenol and caprolactam; solvent for vinyl paints and coatings, gums, resins, most oils, rubber vinyl organosols; diluent and thinner in nitrocellulose lacquers; adhesive solvent in plastic toys and model airplanes; chemicals (benzoic acid, benzyl and benzoyl derivatives, saccharin, medicines, dyes, perfumes); source of toluenediisocyanates (polyurethane resins); explosives (TNT); toluene sulfonates (detergents); scintillation counters.

Hazard: Vapors irritate eyes and upper respiratory tract; cause dizziness, headache, anesthesia, respiratory arrest.  Liquid irritates eyes and causes drying of skin.  If aspirated, causes coughing, gagging, distress, and rapidly developing pulmonary edema.  If ingested causes vomiting, griping, diarrhea, depressed respiration.  Highly Flammable