Sodium Chlorate

CAS#: 7775-09-9

Synonyms: Chlorate of soda; soda chloric acid, sodium salt

Uses: Oxidizing agent and bleach (especially to make chlorine dioxide) for paper pulps; ore processing; herbicide and defoliant; substitute for potassium chlorate, being more soluble in water; matches, explosives, flares and pyrotechnics; recovery of bromine from natural brines; leather tanning and finishing; textile mordant; to make perchlorates; chemical oxygen generators

Hazard: Ingestion of a toxic dose (at least 1/2 oz.) leads to severe gastroenteric pain, vomiting, and diarrhea. Possible respiratory difficulties, including failure of respiration.  Kidney and liver injury may also be produced.  The lethal oral dose for an adult is approximately 15 gm.  Contact with eyes causes irritation.  Explosive.  Strong Oxidizing Agent