Hexylene Glycol

CAS#: 107-41-5

Synonyms: 2-methyl-2, 4-pentanediol; 4-methyl-2, 4-pentanediol; a,a,a’-trimethyltrimethyleneglycol.

Uses: Hydraulic brake fluids, printing inks, coupling agent and penetrant for textiles, fuel and lubricant additive, emulsifying agent, inhibitor of ice formation in carburetors, cosmetics; pharmaceuticals

Hazard: Toxic by ingestion and inhalation; irritant to skin and eyes, and mucous membranes. TLV: ceiling 25 ppm in air. Combustible.  HEXYLENE GLYCOL is incompatible with the following: Strong oxidizers, strong acids [Note: Hygroscopic (i.e., absorbs moisture from the air).