CAS#: 124-40-3

Synonyms: DMA; n-Methylmethanamine

Uses: Acid- gas absorbent, solvent antioxidants, manufacture of dimethylformamide and dimethykacetamide, dyes, floatation agent, gasoline stabilizers, pharmeceuticals, textile chemicals, rubber accelerators, electroplating, dehairing agent, missle fuels, pesticide propellants, surfactant reagent for magnesium.

Hazard: VAPOR:  Irritating to eyes, nose and throat.  If inhaled, will cause difficult breathing.  LIQUID.  Will burn skin and eyes.  Harmful if swallowed.  Flammable, dangerous fire risk, explsive limits in air 2.8-14%. Irritant. TLV: (Anahydrous) 10 ppm in air.