Carbon Black

CAS #: 1333-86-4

Synonyms: Thermal black; channel black; furnace black; Carbon Black Oil;

Uses: Tire threads, belt covers, and other abrasion resistant rubber products; plastics as reinforcing agent, opacifier, electrical conductor, UV-light abosorber; colorant for printing inks; carbon paper; typewriter ribbons; paint pigment; nucleating agent in weather modification; expander in battery plates; solar-energy absorber.  Note: a suspension of finely divided carbon particles in compressed air has been researched as a solar-energy absorber. The heat is absorbed until the particles vaporize, yeilding energy that can be used directly or for power production. The suspension is placed in a transparent container located in a solar concentrator.

Hazard: Can cause cough; irration of the eyes; in presence of polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons:  (potential occupational carcinogen).