Butyl Acetate

CAS:  123-86-4

Synonyms:  n-Butyl Acetate; Butyl Ethanoate; n-Butyl Ester of Acetic Acid; 1-Butyl Acetate

Uses:  Aerosols, Coatings (auto, general industrial, marine, industrial wood), cosmetics, personal care, resins, pharmaceuticals

Hazard:   SKIN:  prolonged or frequently repeated exposures may lead to drying.  INHALATION:  headaches, dizziness, nausea, irritation of respiratory passages and eyes.  BUTYL ACETATE is an ester. Esters react with acids to liberate heat along with alcohols and acids.  Strong oxidizing acids may cause a vigorous reaction that is sufficiently exothermic to ignite the reaction products.  Heat is also generated by the interaction of esters with caustic solutions.  Flammable hydrogen is generated by mixing esters with alkali metals and hydrides. Attacks many plastics.