Ammonium Nitrate

CAS #: 6484-52-2

Synonyms: Norway saltpeter; German Saltpeter; Nitric Acid, Ammonium Salt

Uses: Fertilizer, explosives (epecially as prills/oil mixture), pyrotechnics, herbicides and insecticides, manufacture of  nitrous oxides, ingredient of freezing mixtures, oxidizer in solid rocket prrpellants, nutrient for antibiotic and yeast, catalyst.

Hazard: May explode under confinement and high temperatures, but not readily detonated. Ventilate well. To fight fire, use large amounts of water. The material must be kept as cool as possible and removed from confinement and flooded with water in event of fire. Explodes more readily if contaminated with combustables. Strong oxidiziing agent. May be made resistant to flame and detonation by proprietary process involvong addition of 5-10% ammonium phosphate.