Ammonium Bichromate

CAS #:  7789-09-5

Synonyms: Ammonium dichromate; Diammonium Dichromate

Uses: Mordant for dyeing, pigments, manufacturing of alizarin, chrome alum, oil purification, pickling, manufacture of catalysts, leather tanning, synthetic perfumes, photography, process engraving and lithography (sensitizer for photo-chemical insolubilization of albumin, etc) chomic oxide, pyrotechnics.

Hazard:  Inhalation causes irritation or ulceration of the mucous membranes of the nose, throat or respiratory tract. Respiratory irritation can produce symptoms resembling those of asthma. Continuing irritation of the nose may lead to perforation of the nasal septum. External contact can cause eye irritation and conjunctivitis, irritation and ulceration of skin wounds, and rash or external ulcers. If ingested, irritates mucous membrane and causes vomiting.  It is an oxidizing reagent, it readily reacts with reducing materials, in large quantity it may produce a violent reaction. Direct exposure to heat or shock will explode it. When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of ammonia and nitrogen oxides