About Us

ince incorporating in 1986, our goal has been to develop and maintain long-term partnerships with major corporations globally. Our high level of integrity and flexibility to serve the specified needs of each individual customer, unparalleled attention to detail and unlimited sourcing capabilities affords BKM the ability to contribute as a solid value-added chemical management / distribution partner.

        Our Chemical Management System makes us uniquely qualified to service those customers whose companies have been restructured through mergers, consolidations and acquisitions. Additionally we serve as a regular stocking distributor to meet the requirements of major corporations that need high quality products, on time delivery and attention to detail. For others, we function as a resource provider, meeting the unique needs of research and development.  The customer defines our role.

        Our motto, “Our job is to make your job easier™” is a testament of BKM’s total commitment to our customer-focused philosophy.  We invite you to call and experience the majesty of customer-focus service and the power of a true partner.